22 06 2017

Driving force : also taxed in your municipality?

Is your company located in one of the 209 municipalities still taxing driving force? It is possible to optimize this. We explain how.

The tax on driving force, lifting force and engines is a tax applicable to all machines utilizing a motor in a company. This concerns forklifts, cranes, agricultural or industrial machinery but also for instance elevators and cooling systems.

This tax is calculated per kilowatt. However, there are quite a few differences depending on where you develop your company’s activity. Firstly, the tax is only applicable in certain municipalities. Secondly, significant differences exist among municipalities regarding the magnitude of the tax. The map below depicts where the tax on driving force is applicable as well as its intensity.

Is your company located in one of the municipalities still taxing driving force? Be aware optimizations are possible by thoroughly analyzing the inventory of your motors. This is however a complex matter. We are able to assist you.

We review the tax base and safeguard sustainable savings by optimally applying the existing tax reductions as well as exemptions.

Contact us if you wish to know the tax rate per kilowatt in your municipality, as well as the reductions you are eligible to.