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Belgium has regionalised most of the support incentives to the three regional authorities. The Federal state also offers incentives.
With the objective to tackle the effects of the economic downturn linked to the Covid crisis, the Federal Government and the regions have put together an ambitious relaunch and resilience initiative: NextGenEU. The federal authority finances specific calls under this national plan.

NextGen Belgium has earmarked 7.5 M EUR to reconstruct the Belgian society and prepare it for future generations and has identified 5 specific challenges:

  • Sustainability
  • Mobility
  • Society
  • Digitalisation
  • Innovation and productivity

The overall Belgian budget will be supplemented by regional recovery plans (Vlaamse Veerkracht, Plan de Relance de la Wallonie and the Brussels-Capital region’s recovery and redeployment plan).

While it is sometimes difficult to navigate the various information around recovery plans, Ayming can support you finding the right call for your project.

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Energy Transition Fund:
R&D projects, investment aid for research infrastructure and innovation aid for sme’s




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