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April 21, 2020

Property tax and other taxes in Brussels

Taxes on office buildings located in the capital Brussels are impacted by the reorganisation of the Region’s administrations. In addition, the COVID-19 crisis is freezing construction and causing a loss of income for investors. Faced with such an exceptional situation, what are your levers for action?

Since January 2018, contributions have been regionalised and, in February 2020, the land registry administration was restructured, involving potential new positions in terms of property taxation.

In addition, the containment put in place to contain the coronavirus pandemic has frozen the construction sector, suspending the processing of permits, delaying the sending of assessments and thus causing a considerable loss of earnings for investors. Can one, in the Brussels Region, invoke unproductiveness (abolished) or force majeure?

In this context, are tax optimisations still possible?

During a webinar on Wednesday 29 April, Laurie Pilo, Managing Director of Ayming Belgium and Alexandra Dryjski, Senior Manager in Finance Performance, specialising in property taxes, addressed these topics together.

(Re)watch the webinar in French

Download the whitepaper in French

Download the whitepaper in Dutch

The experts


  • Which taxes are involved?
  • Brussels vs. the rest of Belgium: comparison of  property tax and other taxes in the Brussels region with the other regions.
  • Which actionable levers are there to reduce your property tax in this exceptional situation?
  • Q&A

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