De Belgische Innovatiebarometer 2021

Een unieke verzameling van bedenkingen over de huidige O&O in België

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April 1, 2021

The Belgian

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The Barometer is a unique collection of inspired insights on current R&D in Belgium by our country’s top leaders in innovation from all backgrounds: academic, think tanks, business, associations, consultancy, clusters, social networks…

Covid is just like VUCA on steroids

How affected are we by the crisis, was it really all that bad, and where do we go from here? Where do we stand on sustainable innovation? How will new generations reinvent capitalism? How do our regions compare? What are innovators asking from our new government? Are tax audits discouraging innovation?

This Innovation Barometer explores these subjects by categorizing them in 5 chapters:

  • The Belgian innovation landscape
  • Sustainable innovation
  • R&D budgets
  • The financing of innovation
  • Tax audits
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