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Instrument PME

Livres Blancs
avril 29, 2019

SME Instrument has been designed to help fill a financial gap for business innovators with international ambitions. As part of the Horizon 2020 program, the SME Instrument has set out to invest almost € 3 billion in 7.500 projects led by highly innovative small and medium-sized businesses by 2020. As of May 2018, only 45 Belgian companies were recorded as using the scheme.


To fund the costs related to making business plans, market researches, tests, dissemination and commercialization possible for disruptive projects.


Several cumulative conditions:

  • Match the EU’s SME definition: essentially independent capital structure, less than 250
    FTEs, less than €50M turnover;
  • Develop disruptive product, offer or solution with a project close to market;
  • Have international ambitions for the project.


  • The SME Instrument is an open call system including four cut-off dates per year and per phase.

How can Ayming and Inspiralia help?

  • Focus on what really matters for your business: making your project come true at the international level rather than searching for funds to go-to-market.
  • Maximize your chances: Inspiralia assists companies for up to 4 Phase 1 submissions, with an average success rate of 70% as opposed to under 10% for businesses which apply on their own.
  • Accelerate the acceleration: reduce time-to-market and save time: leverage Inspiralia’s deliverables to raise funds from banks and investors.
  • Secure your financial resources: Inspiralia’s project management team make sure your projects progress in accordance to the EC’s standards and deadlines, so that the payments are not endangered.
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