Management team

Corporate governance

Hervé Amar
President of Ayming

Hervé Amar holds a diploma in Business Management and Analysis. Formerly the Director General of F-Initiatives, he became Director of Innovation Funding at Ayming in 2001. He was named Director General in 2008, before becoming President of Ayming in January 2014.

Carlos Bofill
International Director Northern Region

Carlos Bofill is a graduate of UPV School of Law, San Sebastian, Spain, Masters of Law at the Instituto de Empresa, Madrid and MBA from University of Chicago. He started his career at Lowendal España in 1998 as founder of the first foreign subsidiary Lowendal. Between 2002 and 2007 he was appointed General Manager Southern Europe Lowendal group in 2008 after the merger of Lowendal and Masai, he became Director of International Lowendalmasaï.

In January 2016, following the merger of Alma CG and Lowendalmasaï, he was appointed International Director for the northern region of Ayming, that is to say Germany, Belgium, Canada, Hungary, Great Britain Japan, Poland, Czech Republic.

Belgian Management

Laurie Pilo
Managing Director BeNeLux

Laurie Pilo graduated at the faculty of Law and Political Science of Aix-en-Provence. After a PhD in Health Law and Social Security, she joined the team in 2005 as consultant for the Business Line “HR Performance”.  She evolved to the position of responsible manager for the international development of HR Solutions. Since February 2013, she is Managing Director for the BeNeLux region.