Innovation Performance 16 02 2017

Are you sure you make the most of your innovation subsidies?

Most companies believe they are not innovative. As a result they miss out on available innovation subsidies. Find out if your company’s activities are eligible for such subsidies.


Companies of all sizes and industries are engaged in innovation without even realizing it. Whenever you improve your product or service, you innovate, so this may also concern you.

Why should you care?

Innovation is good for your clients and also good for your bottom line:

  • Deductions up to 13,5% of investments in various R&D assets.
  • Exemptions of up to 80% on wage withholding tax for each employee involved in research + the ability to claim undue taxes for up to 5 years in the past.

What’s in it for you?

Discover which of your company's activities are eligible for innovation subsidies. To make it easier for you, we have summarized this information in a helpful infographic

Make sure your company is not missing out on existing innovation subsidies and tax refunds.