Innovation Performance

You innovate. We help you finance it.

The Europe 2020 Strategy aims to make the EU the most dynamic and competitive knowledge-based economic centre in the world and to achieve the target of investing 3% of the GDP in R&D. Therefore, stimulating R&D is a clear priority in Europe and therefore also in Belgium.

Our goal

The identification and justification of the R&D environment of projects is in our DNA. In order to finance the R&D from and for Belgian companies, we map your scientific environment globally and locally, no matter where the industries, production lines, the R&D centres or patents are.

By improving Innovation Performance, we make sure to :

  • Maximise the use of available public finance support incentives, tax credits and fiscal deductions for innovation ;
  • Promote participation in publicly co-funded collaborative R&D projects: public/private partnerships for SME’s/large corporations ;
  • Enhance a company’s capacity to invest in R&D by the use of external financing.

What we do

The main incentive possibilities for innovation in Belgium is depending on various levels of implementation and are subject to complex conditions & procedures as well as frequent legislative changes. 

Financing innovation incentives coordination

We support you with four types of incentives:

  • Enhanced deduction for investments in R&D
  • Partial exemption on wage withholding tax for researchers
  • Grants & subsidies
  • Patent Income Deduction

Innovation assessment & audit services

  • Assessment & Potential estimation
  • Audit & Safety Check

The identification of potential performance optimisation goes hand in hand with the creation of needed inquiries to obtain those particular financial resources.

Our added value to your organisation

  • We work with different methodologies and deliver scientific expertise by engineers, legal experts, financial experts…
  • All our claims are submitted to solid approval and secured by our technical direction
  • You get an ongoing support from the audit phase until the implementation of the recommendations. We make sure to share our know-how with your internal team
  • Our team of consultants is fully dedicated to data collection, analysis and setting up recommendations
  • Our teams are reinforced with external recognised specialists in several fields
  • We have an extensive experience in both Belgium and Europe: Ayming offers you 30 years of experience as European leader in innovation financing: more than € 10 billion R&D-costs have been valorised in Europe and North-America in the past 5 years, more than € 700 million have been obtained for tax credits for R&D, we obtained more than € 500 million in financial support since 2000.

We have a proven expertise in several fields

Engineering & TransportLife sciences & PharmaceuticsBanking & Insurance
Biotechnology, ICT & Agro-technologyEnergy & EnvironmentNanotechnology & Industrial Processes