Innovation assessment & audit services

Assessment & potential estimation

Is your company inquiring its ability to finance its innovation? Does it need to estimate the financing potential and to establish an incentive ranking depending on its profile? Our innovation team can support you by analysing your scientific and fiscal environment. We give you advice on the incentives with the highest potential, on the adapted financing secure strategy and on estimating the potential gains.

Audit & Safety Check

Is your company applying the Belgian financing innovation incentives (all of them or part of them) but are you investigating your performance and your compliance? Are you wondering about the following questions?

What is the application risk in case of fiscal control? What is my R&D intensity regarding the benchmark of my field activity? Are we over performing or underperforming? How can I secure my incentive application? Is my R&D interpretation in compliance with the administrative one? Are my technical descriptions sufficient to secure the application? What are the optimizing options?

Our experienced innovation team can give you the answer to all these questions in order to secure your financing, evaluate your innovation intensity field position and detect the optimization potential.