R&D Salaries in Belgium - The Benchmark 2021

How to keep your R&D talents

Cover image - R&D Salaries in Belgium - The Benchmark 2021

R&D Salaries in Belgium – The Benchmark

The “war for talents”, the struggle to find and retain the right people, has become an undeniable reality for all types of businesses, and certainly for innovative companies where high technical profiles are in great demand.

Access to talent is obviously a key driver of innovation, says Tina Carling, Innovation Director at Morgan Sindall Infrastructure & Innovation, in the 2022 edition of our International Innovation Barometer, “But the world is changing and people could well be reassessing their priorities, so companies need to think about how they continue to attract them, and that could well be a question of location.”

How to keep your R&D talents?

In short, businesses need all the help they can get. This became particularly obvious throughout our exchanges with our customers, as many of which were looking for enlightenment on the matter and more particularly on salaries. The question was simple: how should you reward your R&D staff if you want to stay in line with current market trends?

We decided to help by leveraging our unique relationships with them in order to create a benchmark on Belgian R&D Salaries in Belgium, a fully anonymized study based on the annual gross salaries of 856 researchers working full time in 2019 in 54 Belgian innovative companies. We condensed its many conclusions and findings in a simple, visual summary which you can download by filling out the form on the right.

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