Innovative SMEs: dilutive or non-dilutive financing to accelerate your growth?

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mai 19, 2020

Match your project with the right investor!

As an innovative company, are you tired of the lengthy, inefficient search for new investors?

In the increasingly competitive race for European grants, how can you find alternative funding opportunities, and investors who support your business idea and stands behind your product?

Then you should join our 45-minute webinar on June 11, 2020!

During our workshop, experts from Ayming and m27 will give you insight into their efficient way to find the most suitable investor and/or business angel for you with m27’s Digitalized Financial Services, the GRECA platform, based on a ground-breaking matching service.

Why you should join

  • Learn more about the available cash levers to accelerate your growth, particularly dilutive vs. non-dilutive financing
  • Discover in 20 minutes if your project is eligible for a European grants (Inspiralia)
  • Book a one-hour one-to-one meeting with investment experts around m27’s Digitalized Financial Services (GRECA) and present your project to over 1000 investors


  • 11:00 – Webinar
  • 12:00 – Start of 20- minute eligibility checks
  • 14:00 – Start of one-to-one sessions


  • Andreas Reinthaler, m27, CEO
  • Nicolas Gibaud, Inspiralia, Innovation Process Manager
  • Thomas Kaës, Ayming Belgium, Sales Director

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