Financial Performance

Did you know that most of new or heavily renovated office buildings are often fiscally overtaxed? This also counts for many industrial – or logistic firms. There is a large inequality among the fiscal regimes in local, regional or federal government levels. 

Identify and evaluate tax reductions by applying the current applicable law

Our goal is to identify and evaluate tax reductions by applying the current applicable law. We aim to generate financial gains for your company. As we are aware of the amount of time one needs to find its path in the complex web of different governmental levels and different measures, we are there to make your organisation save time, focus on your core business while improving your financial performance.

We work with a multi-disciplinary team, consisting of several legal experts trained in specific domains, fiscalist, land surveyors, accounts and former employees of fiscal government administrations in order to sum-up the existing measures that are applicable for your individual situation.

We reduce your tax statements systematically

Thanks to the financial performance solutions that our experts develop, we aim to reduce your tax statements systematically with immediate and recurring results. We focus on three different domains: industrial assets, buildings and VAT.

  • Industrial Assets : measures specifically developed for property tax on equipment and taxes on motive forces, among others.
  • Buildings : Property taxes are influenced by cadastral income, regional taxes, municipal taxes on office buildings and parking spaces.
  • VAT : we track your VAT, while offering compliance services, we manage recovery and refunds and offer VAT consultancy services.

Our added value: we dig deeper, work harder and are result driven

  • We draft your files and follow it until the repayments is made by the authorities.
  • We challenge the notification of the Cadastral Income, property tax or regional or community taxes; we monitor the appeal with the qualified authorities; we obtain an agreement with the qualified public administration and recover the overpayment for the property tax, regional or municipal taxes.
  • All our claims are submitted for approval to, and secured by our technical direction.
  • Ayming has a recognized expertise, combined with over 10 year experience, in the area of local taxation and a perfect knowledge of processes at the fiscal administration on federal, regional or community level.


Ayming Belgium undertakes to consult any attorney or independent expert chosen on approval by its client, any time as it might be necessary for technical or legal reasons.