Finance your future building projects by managing your property taxes correctly.

As you know, companies have to pay multiple taxes on their assets. Property taxes, office surface taxes, taxes linked to empty or unproductive buildings and the Brussels regional Tax create a complex web of laws, rules and due taxes.

The amount of taxes you pay is calculated on two elements :

  • Your cadastral income, a fictive rental value defined in 1975. An amount that has been perequated back then and has been indexed since 1980.
  • Your building specifics: is your building vacant for rent? Is it under construction or renovation, is your building statute being conversed? In all of these cases, specific regulations come in place.

We have created tailor-made solutions that make your company get the highest savings.

As we have noticed with many of our clients, we can get the highest benefit in case you let us :

  • manage the taxes on your entire estate portfolio or ;
  • manage a single building project. We apply several measures before, during or after renovation, construction, reconversion, demolition or extension of your building.


Do you want to find out more on specific measures? Fill out or contact form and one of our consultants will contact you with more information about measures with single or recurring results.

We save more than €60 million for our clients in property taxes every single year.

  • Optimised and predictable property taxes including regional tax in Brussels ;
  • Maximised financial results ;
  • Significantly reduced administrative burden ;
  • Total confidentiality.