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The experts at Ayming Belgium have developed an advanced expertise under Finance Performance. The optimisation of taxes in connection with professional properties concern office buildings, commercial centres, hotels, clinics and homes, and industrial buildings.

Belgian properties prey to many taxes:

Turning to the cadastral income, serving as base for the withholding tax and the Brussels regional tax, many taxes can soon accumulate to form a heap of taxes payable to the local and regional authorities of the country.

Ayming provides you with a simulation tool to anticipate the amount of this tax!

Ik schat mijn onroerende voorheffing (Dutch)

J’estime mon précompte immobilier (French)

You will then be able to :

  • Anticipate the amounts and therefore control your budget.
  • Check the assumptions related to your investments.

A reduced time window for optimisation:

Optimising the taxation of your immovable assets investment is possible only for:

  • demolition,
  • construction,
  • reconversion,
  • extensive renovation of your property,

and this in a very limited space of time. For example, you have 60 days to oppose the notification of a new cadastral income once the CI is fixed in time.

Acting in depth, on the bases of calculations and respecting the deadlines is therefore crucial for obtaining effects in the short term and over the long term.

A unique set of levers to optimize your properties taxation:

With the optimisation of the taxation of more than 100 office buildings in Belgium our experts have acquired a unique know-how allowing them, under certain conditions detailed above, to:

  • Reset the cadastral income to its correct level, making use of:
    • a single database allowing identification of comparison points of deemed rental value built up over more than 15 years;
    • the expertise of expert surveyors tasked to recalculate, correctly, the different types of taxed surfaces;
  • Optimise the calculation basis of the withholding tax on immovable assets of the property and apply possible exemptions for works, unproductiveness, …;
  • Reduce the regional taxes (tax on non-residential surfaces in the Brussels Region, known as the tax on offices), municipal taxes (on car parks, for example) and other associated town planning charges.

Entrust the audit of your immovable assets portfolio to our experts.


Finance performance property tax renovation construction

Our value-added: a unique methodology accompanying pivotal moments of your property’s fiscal life

  • A methodology working in depth on the bases of tax calculations for lasting effects during the fiscal life of your property;
  • Sequenced actions before, during and after the works, allowing you to release cash at times when your need is greatest: our experts work on the reduction and optimisation of taxes once the property is left unoccupied, throughout the works and up to the notification of the new cadastral income;
  • An expertise recognised by the authorities (complete files, delivered on time and correctly argued);
  • A detailed knowledge of comparison points allowing us to challenge the deemed rental value (cadastral income) of your property.

In case legal or fiscal expertise is required, an independent and expert legal firm is called upon, in order to make the necessary legal qualifications and give the necessary legal advice.

Your benefits

  • An improvement of your investments profitability;
  • The guarantee of files processed within the set deadline, according to the requirements of the authorities;
  • A lightening of the administrative load of your teams.

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