Operational Performance

Managing and improving the performance of your operations

Sustainable and valuable cost optimisation derives directly from an enterprise strategy. Ayming takes hereby a holistic perspective on the value and supply chain and develops together with its clients interdepartmental solutions to increase performance, to initiate change processes and implementation of programs to improve quality.

Operational Performance puts the focus on purchasing cost optimization of direct and indirect goods as also from investments (capex). Ayming applies specific levers:

Commercial levers :

  • Contract management
  • Supplier portfolio
  • Negotiations

Process and organisation levers :

  • Organization, process and interface optimisation
  • Supply chain management
  • Supplier integration

Technical levers :

  • Simplification / redesign to cost
  • Variantmanagement
  • Demand management

The projects managed by Ayming include a detailed analyses phase and strategy formulation. Our consultants assist clients actively in these implementation phases.