HR Performance

Don't let employer's costs limit your growth

HR often works with limited resources: a lack of staff and a constantly changing environment make it exceptionally demanding to construct and apply an HR strategy.

Our goal

Ayming wants to lighten the workload of the HR department and to generate financial gains while managing the connected risks. We are committed to implement performance enhancements with impact on short and long-term in order to add value to your business and deliver positive change and results.

As an HR responsible, we know you have to manage problems spread throughout the entire organisation. That’s why we are here: we aim to make you focus on your core business while we take out the hassle, connected to improving your HR performance.

We work with a multi-disciplinary team, consisting of HR and legal experts, that maps your entire business environment in order to have an understanding of juridical influences, financial pressure or issues related to implementing HR data management tools, motivating or retaining employees or operational and administrative challenges.

What we do

We aim to reduce your costs by mapping all HR aspects of your organization. The basis of all our performance enhancements is reducing overall HR Costs. As there are plenty possibilities to reduce (para)fiscal charges on salaries in Belgium, our experts check if you have saved as much as possible and claim savings and value from the past, while creating opportunities for the future.

Because we get to know your organization in its core, we are able to give supplementary recommendations. We use our knowledge of your company to install performance programs that improve remuneration packages, but still have a similar cost for the employer.

As we are there to lighten the workload of the HR department, we integrate all optimisation programmes with your current company strategy. We transfer our knowledge and put in place processes. We do all of this with one goal: improve our clients’ overall performance.

Our added value to your organisation

  • All our claims are submitted to approval and secured by our technical direction.
  • You get an ongoing support from the audit phase until the implementation of the recommendations. We make sure to share our know-how with your internal team and/or payroll service.
  • Our consultant team is fully dedicated to data collection, analysis and recommendations.
  • We guarantee the good relationship with the ONSS/RSZ, the Federal Government Finance Services (FOD/SPF), your insurers, your payment institutions and others.
  • Our internal R&D department is in an ongoing process to find new claim types: 50% of our turnover originates from new claim types younger than 3 years.

* Ayming Belgium undertakes to consult any attorney or independent expert chosen on approval by its client, any time as it might be necessary for technical or legal reaons.