Optimising your costs

Create an attractive compensation plan: there's more than the gross salary

As we know your organisation in its core, we can advise you on how to improve remuneration packages while keeping a similar cost for the employer. Employers are finding themselves in a war for talent, where candidates decline job offers or employees leave companies because the compensation plan is not attractive enough. But how do you start creating a remuneration package, that is attractive for both yourself as an employer and your employees?

The (para)fiscal changes on remuneration packages can increase the net employee wage while making no changes in the salary budget. These packages extend the basic salary with elements that provide several benefits for the employees. On top of this, there is a series of advantages that you can grant to your employees and make you save a lot of money due to the (para)fiscal treatment on these benefits.

An individual compensation plan that attracts, motivates and retains the best talents on the market

Not only do these benefits have financial gains for both parties involved, the attractiveness of these compensation packages can increase the personal motivation or compensate the extra work an employee makes to reach a target; motivate employees to work towards an improved group result; make you steer healthy and safe employee behaviour or motivate an employee to be loyal towards the employing organisation.

The usefulness of these compensation plans, is that they are tailor-made to the requirements of every single employee’s specific needs and living situations. Additional benefits as company cars, phones, hospitalisation insurances, train subscriptions, meal vouchers or bonuses and commissions extend the basic salary. These individual compensation plans do not stand alone but are part of a bigger picture: attracting employees in a dynamic and flexible environment that allows each one of them to achieve excellent individual performance, making your employees a real asset for your organisation.

Some specific measures:

  • Meal vouchers
  • Mobility budgets: Company cars, train and/or metro subscriptions
  • Hospitalisation insurances
  • Group and individual bonuses
  • Commissions
  • New age benefits
  • ...

We keep track of all possibilities

As we work with a multi-disciplinary team of HR and legal experts, we keep track of the frequent changes that make it hard for your company to have continuously optimised. We dig deeper and work harder in order to define a perfect solution for your company. The ultimate result? Creating an HR environment that creates a win-win for employers and employees.