Cost Reduction

The basis of all our performance enhancements is reducing overall HR costs. As a Belgian organisation, you know we have one of the highest charges on salaries throughout Europe. The OECD claims that Belgian inhabitants pay the third highest tax rates of Europe.

As media often discuss the link between our wage handicap and the competitiveness of Belgian organisations, we aim to create concrete benefits for your organisation.

Social Charges

Some situations allow us to make changes to the bases of contributions.

Social security credits are given to specific target groups, such as for instance young or older employees.

Besides this, the Belgian government has created measures specific to some categories of companies.

Fiscal Charges

This part concerns partial exemptions on wage withholding tax, related to specific jobs. Our team verifies if all elements of the taxable basis are declared correctly.

Other Charges

As we analyse and map your entire HR and business’ environment, the HR policies and practices of payment allow us to sometimes identify different supplementary saving possibilities. Examples are grants or benefits reviews.