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Because they represent one of the biggest items in your organization, the costs associated with payroll might stunt the growth of your company. Often considered as a cost centre, the HR department is nonetheless a potential source of financial income. Ayming’s Payroll performance experts can help you to map the sources of possible values, to exploit them and to implement and secure the effects over the long term.

Obviously, you have not been waiting for our consultants to come along to optimize your payroll. However, in the course of successive software settings, nuances introduced by the legislator and changing regulations (for example, the jurisprudences), sources of economies may emerge.

This year our consultants have analysed more than 800 000 salary slips: they found that in 9 cases out of 10 the payroll was neither optimized nor secured.

A single approach

Our Payroll performance experts use their double legal and financial skills to break down the applied pay and reconstruct it in an optimized and secured manner, according to:

  • Your referentials: joint committees, collective labour agreements, company agreements, internal regulations;
  • Your work organization: timetables, actual working hours, recruitment procedures;
  • Profiles of employed workers.

And this without your teams being impacted by the project. Where economies are identified, our consultants will submit them for your approval, before implementation of past recoveries and future economies.