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Research, innovation, and environmental protection are the driving forces behind major current changes. That is why national and European institutions set goals in this regard.

In order to incentivize businesses to undertake the necessary measures to realize these objectives, local governments and the European Commission allocate funds to provide financial support. This assistance comes in diverse forms, with grants being the predominant method of support with which we engage.


Research and innovation grant

In the Brussels-Capital region, Innoviris is the responsible authority for Research and Innovation.
Several programs are available, depending on the nature of your project. Here are a few of them :

R&D Projects

This program is available to companies of all sizes seeking funding for the development or implementation of an innovative product, process or service (PPS).

Industrial or commercial projects requiring the creation of scientific knowledge Development of an innovative PPS. Project to validate a prototype in a real environment Implementation of a new production or delivery process or method within your company
Subsidy Subsidy or recoverable advance Subsidy
50 to 70% 25 to 55% 15 to 50%

In addition, there is a subsidy (Patent) available to SMEs to support the costs associated with intellectual property. The rate of support can be as high as 50%.

Feasibility study

This subsidy is available to companies of all sizes wishing (aiming) to verify the technical feasibility of their innovation. It is available to companies of all sizes and can cover from 50 to 70% of study costs.

Proof of Business

This grant is available to companies of all sizes wishing (wanting to) to validate the technical and economic feasibility of an innovative project. The subsidy rate can cover from 50% to 70% of your budget, with a ceiling of €70,000.

Want to find out more?

Download the whitepaper of subsides for innovation in Belgium – Brussels & Wallonia (FR version)

In this paper, we will examine the subsidy measures in Brussels & Wallonia – what it entails, the requirements, and the potential amount of support.

Discover our whitepaper here





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