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HR performance management

Increasing your economic, organizational and corporate performance: your HR policy has levers. They consist of quantifying the major issues and then proceeding to targeted actions contributing to the overall performance of the company.

Our offers

  • Payroll conformity audit:

    Does your payroll reflect your activity? And, more particularly, is it in compliance with the plethora of legal dos and don’ts hat govern it? Our experts analyse it, report on its compliance and effectiveness and offer you recommendations.

  • Review of salary / reward packages:

    Our consultants audit the various forms of remuneration on offer, benefits in kind, etc. They will also prepare your CCT90, ruling on representation and entertainment costs. Finally, they can also advise you on putting together a cafeteria plan or a director’s remuneration package.

  • Sectoral benchmark of your personal costs:

    Our experts compare your personnel cost structures with the rest of your industry. They analyse the intensity of use of different measures designed to reduce your employer costs, defining the key indicators that will allow you to steer your HR performance.

  • Due diligence of personnel costs & business plan:

    You are looking at a company for a merger or acquisition and wish to check the soundness of its payroll, identify possible risks requiring coverage or exploit sources of financial effectiveness (unused or underused subsidies)? With your mandate our experts can contact the company, map the risks and opportunities and make phased recommendations necessary for the construction of your business plan.

  • Prevention of absenteeism:

    Our experts map the absenteeism in your company (for each site, service, profession) and deliver a detailed analysis of the underlying factors of absence; they recommend targeted actions aimed at tightening your prevention strategy. These actions will improve the quality of life at work, and this will show in your performance.

  • Optimization of your compulsory Industrial Accident insurance premium:

    Our experts audit the contract used to establish the amount of your annual premium and compare and update the various parameters making up the tariff base. They thus identify the levers of negotiation with the insurers and start a consultation then a negotiation at your side.