Innovation Performance Management

R&D involves a long-term investment, in which financial control is one of the most important factors for success.

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Your needs

  • Assess the combined generosity of all the measures for the same project: how much tax relief do the subsidies and other tax incentives yield for € 1 invested in R&D?
  • The R&D actually developed on your site will be financially recovered.
  • Identify the levers for improving the financing of your Innovation Performance.
  • Organize the various possibilities of support for innovation, related investments and dedicated human resources as effectively as possible in the short, medium and long term.
  • Safeguard your steps with the administrations.

The added value of Ayming Belgium:

  • Ayming’s experts guarantee financial clarity and estimate the value of your R&D investments.
  • We optimise the processes and the financial and information flows with which you can improve your performance.
  • We advise you on your strategic choices and ensure you have the financial and operational know-how to build up your financial R&D operations.

In case legal or fiscal expertise is required, an independent and expert legal firm is called upon, in order to make the necessary legal qualifications and give the necessary legal advice.

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