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Protection of the margins and personnel loyalty: two major challenges for the hospitality and recreation industry in Belgium

This is a market that has grown in recent years because in 2016 and 2017 families spent 5% more of their budget on hotels-cafés-restaurants and recreation (source: National Bank of Belgium). However, this market also experienced an inflation of the labour costs, plus an additional pressure of 1.9% from the labour costs for the previous year.

A sector with controlled margins

In one of the most labour-intensive sectors the wage mass is one of the structural costs that has the greatest influence on cost-effectiveness. Thanks to better application of the existing provisions, each profit contributes to better cost-effectiveness in which the margins come under pressure. With judicious application of the incentives for the social and fiscal charges on wages (target groups, exemption from payment of the withholding tax for night work or team work), account being taken of the flexi-jobs and the reductions of social contributions for the enterprises that record the working hours in their payroll, Ayming’s experts can identify enormous savings and protect their implementation on behalf of the client.

Rapid personnel turnover

At 39% the to-and-fro of personnel in this sector is one of the fastest in the country. Training up new recruits, deploying them as close to the ground as possible and inspiring their loyalty through, for instance, awarding qualifications, is one of the biggest challenges of the sector. In this sector the client experience seems to be at least as important as the staff experience: after all, experienced and happy workers will convey a more positive image of the brand.

To help the enterprises in the sector there are various levers for financing the bonding and development of the skills of your personnel, such as the target group reduction and the training subsidies.

With more than one million payslips processed each year Ayming’s payroll performance experts guide you through the optimization and securing of the incentives and subsidies available to the Hospitality and Recreation sector.

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