Regional subsidies for innovation

DG06, Innoviris and VLAIO

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The measures

  • Each region has developed its own subsidy programmes for Innovation through the following instruments:
    • the Agence pour l’Entreprise et l’Innovation (AEI) and the Portail de la Recherche et des Technologies en Wallonie (DG06)for Wallonia
    • Innoviris for the Brussels Capital Region;
    • and the Vlaamse agentschap innoveren en ondernemen (VLAIO) in Flanders.
  • There are a hundred different subsidies in support of R&D.
  • Some of these subsidies are cumulative, others are not.

Conditions of application

  • These differ according to the particular subsidy.

Your challenges

  • Identifying the subsidy or subsidies best suited to your projects before proceeding to actual investment.
  • Developing project knowledge, understanding the methods of application (project calls, local administrative counter) and any possible deadlines.
  • Finding the time and resources to compile the file. Ayming joins forces with its specialist partner to see to the end-to-end technical composition of your file to make your chances the best possible.
  • Prompt delivery of the reports to the administrative bodies.

The added value of Ayming Belgium

With our specialist partner in the presentation of your applications you can expect:

  • a greater chance of success.
  • a solution that guides you through all administrative steps.
  • a payment formula that consists of both fixed and variable elements.


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