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Greater competitive strength, transition to Industry 4.0, smaller ecological footprint, … how will the conversion of industry be financed?

Like everywhere else in the world Belgian industry is currently experiencing its 4th revolution, that of digitization, to become more flexible regarding costs and productivity. However, the coming of Industry 4.0 is not the only challenge: a higher productivity, lower labour costs and a smaller ecological footprint are the major challenges. Resources could be deployed to face them, but they are not always easy to achieve.

Ayming’s experts map out the financial resources that could be made available to your enterprise in order to guarantee its growth.

Rising labour costs, stagnating productivity.

Since 2008 labour costs in Belgium have unfortunately been rising faster than per-employee productivity. This is evident from a study by Roland Berger. However, there are financial instruments to deal with these two problems, such as:

Measures to ease labour costs for target groups of employees and to stimulate night work and teamwork;

Measures to ease taxation on investments intended for the modernization of production machinery and to reduce indirectly the labour costs associated with industrial research.

Smart manufacturing, motive force of innovation and generator of financing

Artificial intelligence, virtual and augmented reality, use of big data to optimize production flows and the logistics of purchase and supply, … There are so many levers to start the factory of the future. In 2016 Belgium was among the Top 10 of EU countries with the highest number of patent applications within Industry 4.0. These innovations require considerable investment in Capex and workforce. Measures are in place to ease these burdens. And also to limit the taxation attached to revenue for innovation.

Our innovation financing experts can help you to understand and introduce the incentives that are tailored to your activity and context.

A smaller ecological footprint, big challenge for manufacturing and a source of revenue

15% of investments in manufacturing are intended to achieve greater efficiency and to limit the impact on the environment by, among other things, a reduced energy consumption.

An SME generating 10% less waste from raw materials books a net profit of 2% in terms of operational production costs.

Besides the available regional subsidies for your environmentally friendly investments and your cost-effectiveness, our experts help you through the introduction of tax deductions for investments.

A holistic approach

Ayming’s experts are specialized in the industry and can identify and generate possible profit to give your operational competitive strength a fresh boost. They are present in Belgium and in 15 countries worldwide and can draw on the knowledge of 1400 experts in the group to improve your value chain.

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You can also benefit from our market studies, which give you an overview of the current state of innovation and R&D, both nationally and internationally.


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