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Research, innovation, and environmental protection are the driving forces behind major current changes. That is why national and European institutions set goals in this regard.

In order to incentivize businesses to undertake the necessary measures to realize these objectives, local governments and the European Commission allocate funds to provide financial support. This assistance comes in diverse forms, with grants being the predominant method of support with which we engage.


Grants for Research and Development

In Wallonia, the Public Service of Wallonia for Research (SPW Research) is the designated authority overseeing research and innovation.

SPW Recherche provides diverse research support programs for companies, accredited research centers, universities, and more. Examples of these programs include Win4Company, Win4Collective, Win2Wal, Win4Expertise, BELCOO, etc.

Our primary engagement is with the Win4Company program, designed to fund projects in either industrial research or experimental development.

Acquisition of new knowledge aimed at developing new products, processes, or services, or bringing about significant improvements to existing products, processes, or services. Acquisition, integration, formatting, and application of scientific, technological, and business knowledge and skills to develop new or improved products, processes, or services. This may include the creation of prototypes, with the exclusion of alterations to conventional engineering routines.
Subsidy Recoverable advance
50 to 70% 35 to 55%

Premiums for Investment

The Public Service of Wallonia (SPW) provides different forms of investment support based on the nature of the project.


Classic Investment Grant

The classic investment grant covers any new economic activity including the establishment, diversification, or acquisition of assets from a closed entity by an independent investor. Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) are eligible for support in any initial investment, including the expansion of facilities or significant alterations to production. However, for large enterprises, expansion is restricted to the provinces of Luxemburg and Hainaut (zone a).

The funding rates are determined by cumulative criteria and are capped at 20%.

Investment for Sustainable Energy Use (UDE)

This grant is designed to assist companies that have investment plan focused on decreasing energy consumption in the production process and fostering the utilization of energy from renewable sources (excluding photovoltaic).

Rates range from 20% to 40% for reducing energy consumption, and for renewable sources, the rate is determined based on the type.



Investment for Environmental Protection

This grant is designed to assist companies investing in actions to repair or prevent damage to the environment or natural resources and exceed current environmental standards. There is a specific case for refrigeration groups.

Funding rates range from 10% to 40% and and there may be additional increments for large enterprises if their investments are in development zones.

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