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HR performance assistance in audit or inspection

The context

  • In 2018 the NSSO conducted more than 53 000 investigations among companies (source: www.rszjaarverslag.be), as against 40 000 in 2017. Within the FPS Finance the teams dedicated to inspections and audits saw themselves increased in 2018. There is thus a proliferation of inspections and audits to check, for instance, the correct application of implemented incentives.
  • For you to be able to call on this service two cases present themselves:
    • You have been notified of an NSSO inspection or a tax audit: you may enlist the services of our experts to help you through this test.
    • You wish to make sure that your payroll and your remuneration and defrayal practices are audit proof? Our consultants will take preventive action by conducting at your request a “balancing audit”.

Our offers

  • Post-audit assistance: analysis of the situation as on notification, producing messages on your behalf, adoption of positions based on the advice of a specialist lawyer chosen in consultation with the client, assistance in the defence and negotiations through to closure of the audit.
  • Balancing audit: our experts identify and produce supporting figures for any possible risks and send you preventive action plans for implementation over the short, medium and long term.

Our added value

  • A payroll secured by our combined expertise in the knowledge of its legal bases and command of its calculation.
  • Identified risks are the subject of specific action plans for immediate implementation.
  • Demand from the tax authorities are duly processed: in time and punctually, accompanied by the strictly necessary supporting documents, from notification right through to final negotiation, our experts know how to talk with the inspectors from the NSSO and FPS Finance.
  • A single objective: bringing you into compliance with the instructions of the tax authorities and minimizing the financial impact of any possible adjustment or increase.

In case legal or fiscal expertise is required, an independent and expert legal firm is called upon, in order to make the necessary legal qualifications and give the necessary legal advice.