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At Ayming, we don't want you to change, we want you to be the change

The first step of your new professional path starts here!

Sign up immediately for a unique professional adventure: yours, by our side, to build the world of tomorrow together. Thanks to 30 years of experience with the largest international businesses, we are passionate about taking part in the major transformations of companies. This impact is possible every day thanks to the talents that are evolving and revealing themselves at Ayming.

We have faith in you. Come and innovate, create, dare. We take care of the rest. Become who you are, and much more … here and now. This is the first step of your new professional life. Your next destination, your call!

Be the boss of your work life

Become a protagonist of your own life, our mission for every employee

Our success is entirely due to our 1,300 men and women in our teams. We are proud of this collective intelligence, which ensures excellent results for our clients. Our role: to take care of it and to maintain it every day.

That is why we strive for terms of employment that are beneficial to the flexibility, trust and well-being of our employees. We ensure that the motivation and commitment of our talents increase thanks to our attention for everyone’s dreams and ambitions: international mobility, a new position, an innovative project, intrapreneurship, etc. Prepare yourself for a new vision of your career as soon as you join us!

Our task is to encourage each individual’s development in order to grow collectively. This way, Ayming plays an important role in 4 strategic areas: human resources, finances, operations and innovation.

What’s your role?

I appreciate the very convivial aspect, and the professionalism of course.”

Sara Arryn, HR Business Partner
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Life @ Ayming

The professional well-being of the “Aymers” is our number one priority. We are convinced that it is the most important vector for sustainable success in any company. That’s why we apply it at all levels: an innovative approach to recruitment, a “human centric” management, REAL values, a unique collective spirit and inspiring and flexible work experiences. Discover the highlights you can expect. Follow the guide!

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Move with us

Because we live in a changing world, we cannot consider classic and linear processes for our employees. We operate on a global scale and are open to a wide range of projects that are tailored to everyone’s ambitions. Away with career plans. Together with us, you will take major professional steps to move forward and develop your employability. Next step: apply for an internal opportunity. We think about the next step together. Further together.

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