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Do you want to know more about your deductible VAT collection rights? Do you need assistance to manage and protect your VAT?
Our consultants provide advice on how to best protect and manage your VAT effectively over the long term.

Our aim is to assist you in the fastest and most complete collection of your VAT deduction rights. We will help you with:

Download the VAT brochure in Dutch     Download the VAT brochure in French

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Our response concerning VAT collection and management

Our vision for your VAT project: an offer of unique value combining protection, monitoring and coaching.

These three key actions allow us to improve the overall performance of your VAT management:

  1. Optimising and protecting your VAT amounts by drawing on our know-how of over 20 years and our network of partners,
  2. Monitoring your VAT declaration and collection process using tools that are available to you (digitalised real-time reporting and collaborative platforms),
  3. Training your teams and keeping them posted thanks to the communication of best practices, specialised training courses and regular exchanges with our teams.

If a legal report is required, we will engage the services of an independent firm of specialist lawyers for a lasting and safe intervention.

Our ‘turn-key’ offer helps you optimise your national tax assessment and continue with your international development in total compliance and peace of mind

Thanks to our support you can secure your VAT collection and management. Furthermore, you can benefit from:

  • More than 20 years of experience, thorough taxation knowledge and the functioning of tax offices,
  • A multilingual team associated to a network of partners, facilitating VAT collection in more than 30 countries,
  • An established documentary watch to anticipate change.

Download the VAT brochure in Dutch     Download the VAT brochure in French

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