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Investing in innovation and efficiency

The enterprises of the ICT sector must constantly invest in the development of new technologies while trying to remain competitive in terms of costs, services and personnel.

Ayming helps its clients to rationalize their operations, reduce their costs and valorise their innovation as a driving force of their development.

A strategic support in your profitability and competitiveness challenges

The ICT sector is experiencing wildfire growth, among other things because of the challenges to be faced in the coming years. Whether it’s to do with technological progress (5G, edge computing, IoT, smart homes/cities, cloud computing models in full-tilt development, automation via AI and software robots, data analytics,…) or societal challenges highlighted by the European Commission in matters of health, food safety, energy, transport, environment and the climate, socio-economic development or security (protection of infrastructures, cybercrime, disaster recovery, …), the future will be intelligent, connected and innovating, but also fiercely competitive.

That’s why players in the sector eager to grow and prosper must now be more agile and strategic than ever in their approach to the three main challenges facing ICT today:

  • maintaining an intense activity in R&D;
  • turning the resultant intellectual property to good account;
  • building teams presenting and maintaining the highest levels of qualification.

Your innovation projects, as indeed your long-term success, suggest above all having highly qualified teams, a controlled turnover and employees who are totally committed and determined to reach the company objectives. In a situation of highly competitive recruitment, such ambitions find expression in, for instance, attractive pay packages and the continuous training of your personnel. Freeing up all the available budgets in order to re-inject them into your human resources management policy thus proves itself crucial for and inseparable from reaching your objectives.

A practical, holistic approach

Ayming can rely on its long years of experience to help you on these three fronts and guide you as you make your way onward and upward.

In expert-to-expert consultations our teams identify your financial flows, mapping your income and expenditure in R&D, to determine your position in relation to the standards in the sector.

Our specialists then run the detailed analysis in a scientific audit of your fiscal and administrative practices, making certain that each opportunity is used, account being taken of the most recent laws (for example, by indexing the copyrights associated with the software, now covered by the Innovation Box). In parallel they also conduct feasibility studies allowing them to identify, within your activity, innovation projects likely to qualify for reductions or subsidies.

Finally, our consultants will also attend to the granting of various financing measures, working on the compilation of the file, its recording and its tracking on your behalf with the competent authorities.

More information

Click on the links below to discover the details of these different steps and the range of opportunities applicable to your sector and for which we place our expertise at your disposal:

HR performance:

Innovation performance:


Download our brochure for more information about our approach to ICT and Digital, with a practical example of optimization for one of our clients.

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You can also make use of our whitepapers that will show you around the landscape of innovation and R&D today at both national and international level.


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