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Industrial taxation, all kinds of different taxes …

“Industrial taxes” covers all the taxes imposed on the production machinery, tools and equipment of enterprises pursuing an industrial, logistics or commercial (large-scale distribution) activity.

The main two, the highest and the most current, are the withholding tax on machinery and equipment and the municipal tax on motive power. There are all kinds of other provincial and local taxes: spent water, petrol pumps, activation charges, unoccupied buildings, free distribution of printed matter without address, etc.

… with realities that differ according to region:

While cadastral income falls within the federal ambit, calculation of the amount of the withholding tax on machinery and equipment has been regionalised, with varying effects:

  • The Brussels Capital Region has immunised its taxpayers against the burden of industrial taxes since 1 January 2017. However, the enterprises of this region are not exempted from updating the cadastral income for their machines each year.
  • Wallonia, with the 2006 Marshall Plan, has allowed new investments to be exempted from the withholding tax on machinery and equipment. It will therefore be necessary to act on the divestments and to ensure that the cadastral income is kept updated.
  • Flanders, until the end of 2019, not only exonerated the new investments but also reduced the amount of the cadastral income. Some recently published changes keep only the exoneration of new investments from the fiscal year 2020.

Mapping and updating the bases of calculation of your industrial taxes

Our added value: mapping and updating the bases of calculation of your industrial taxes for lasting optimisation

Without interfering in your current organization, our experts audit the calculations, update the tax bases and challenge the amounts:

  • of the cadastral income in connection with your industrial assets inventories, by fiscally reprocessing the annual list of your investments and divestments and aligning it with your machinery and equipment physically present in the fleet or pool;
  • of the withholding tax on machinery and equipment of your enterprise, by integrating with review of the calculation based on an adjusted CI of possible exemptions for unproductiveness;
  • of the tax on driving force if applicable in your municipality , on the basis of the update of the list of your electric motors and any exemptions for unproductiveness (different rule than for the PIMO)
  • of other municipal taxes: environmental taxes, taxes on dangerous establishments, printed publicity matter, advertising billboards, etc.
  • of the withholding tax on immovable assets charged on the building in case of construction, demolition or extensive renovation of your industrial premises.

Our in-depth action takes effect the same year and over the long term.

Our experts also take the opportunity to advise you, if appropriate, regarding the ins and outs of deductions for investments or regional subsidies for your future investments.

Your benefits

  • Immediate and long-term economies;
  • An updated vision of your industrial machinery and equipment value;
  • Negotiated decisions undertaken directly on your behalf by mandate with the Land Register and local and tax authorities;
  • A lightening of the administrative load for your teams;
  • Support and guidance secured by an advanced multidisciplinary expertise in industrial tax affairs. Our experts meet your accountants, site managers and production leaders to take stock of the real existence of your machines.