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Embark on a unique professional journey, supported by 30 years of expertise and collaboration with companies from all over the world.

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Mobility on Demand

Mobility is in our DNA. If you have decided to join us, you’re embarking on an “exciting professional journey that you master yourself!

Because we live in a constantly evolving world, we encourage original and in-house career paths/plans. Your talents, your desires are our common project. We want to foster the development of your potential by taking into account your aspirations. If you are motivated by new possibilities we want to strengthen your skills and challenge your leadership. We believe that anything is possible. The only requirement for this project is the willingness of our employees wanting to embark on a global move, taking charge of their involvement and their careers #BossOfYourWorklife

Ayming - Flylounge - Job Dating

Mobility at Ayming

At Ayming, nothing is fixed—everything is possible.

To help you anticipate your next move, we endeavor to build your tailor-made objectives.  Together at each key stage of your professional journey. 1,400 “Aymers” already constitute an international and multidisciplinary network. Our credo: openness. We put it at the service of your skills in order to boost your profile and your career. Our vision of mobility is global: it can be based on geographic location, functional, business-oriented… Thanks to programs such as #BossOfYourWorklife, you can present your professional project to the Group. Once approved, we will do everything we can to help you achieve it. Dare, show us, we manage.

Ayming - Flylounge - Job Dating

In-house mobility

Ayming’s plentiful array of opportunities

Present in 15 countries, with a wide range of expertise, Ayming offers a vast set of mobility options. Thanks to the feedback-oriented culture and regular people reviews, your employee experience will be punctuated by important meetings to challenge your career path and reinvent it. These moments of exchange are key so that everyone can easily access all the positions open at Ayming and discuss their project. Every year, many employees make a change of profession, country or activity!

Ayming - Flylounge - Job Dating

Geographical mobility

Leverage your talents elsewhere

Do you want to go elsewhere? We are present in 15 countries: France, Canada, Spain, Germany, United Kingdom, Italy, United States… You can challenge your intercultural skills and develop your international leadership: we encourage geographical mobility within our various offices. We are particularly keen on this cultural openness, which we believe essential in today’s ever-changing world. Not to mention that this also fosters growth. Depending on your ambitions and desires, you can present your project. If it is approved, you are one step closer to achieving your professional destination!

Discover the onboarding

Ayming - Flylounge - Job Dating

Professional mobility

Express your aspirations

No evolution is denied or put on the side as long as it is consistent with your professional project and our internal needs. Our fields of expertise do not operate in silos and are not only reserved for experts! On the contrary, our open approach to mobility encourages employees to build bridges between our different fields and professions, thus enriching teams and developing agility among our customers. Our objective during your Ayming experience is to offer you a platform of transferable, scalable and complementary skills. This is how you will be able to plan and participate in a rewarding professional career path for which you will feel responsible. This is our vision of engagement

Don't hesitate to commit yourself to change and dare to step outside your comfort zone to experience new challenges".
Laura Buyl, Finance Performance Consultant