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Life @ Ayming

Sustainable performance is only achievable with the right conditions

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Ayming Journey

 At Ayming we believe employee well-being is a full-time mission! We like to listen to people’s aspirations and help them build together a meaningful professional journey where each step counts to achieve your career goals. 

Ayming - Flylounge - Job Dating
Ayming - Flylounge - Job Dating

Welcome to Ayming

We apply the Ayming spirit in all that we do, we are passionate about ensuring our “Aymers” feel good, valued and listened to. To fulfill this mission, we act on 4 inseparable axes:

  • human and empowering management, which places the ambition of employees at the heart of their success
  • strong values and beliefs that guarantee the respect of all at all corporate levels
  • team spirit, all over the world, that we turn into the genuine collective intelligence
  • a work environment that offers unique and inspiring experiences

My Professional Journey

5 key steps of the Ayming adventure

Each employee’s career path is centered around important milestones that allow our employers question, evolve and progress, we do not impose our views of progression on our employees. We much rather tailor solutions to meet the individual needs of our employees. We have found that this ensures our employees are receptive and also allows for the aspirations/desire of our employees to remain alive and thus attainable. Each progress conversation is unique so that all “Aymers” become involved in their own career path. Simply consider us as your professional incubator for your ambitions. Our goal?Co-create a common project and put it at our customers’ service.

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An exciting career plan

Discover My Professional Journey
Ayming - Flylounge - Job Dating

Job Dating made in Ayming

Because you’re worth more than your CV

Our only concern is who you are. That is why we attach great importance to unique encounters and exchanges between you and us, in exceptional locations. The goal: to help you better understand our diverse skills and our culture, thanks to our exceptional experience. Most importantly, to get to know you “as you are” with a view to a meaningful collaboration. And always in dynamic mode: in 3 hours, 4 unique workshops and a response within 48 hours! You’ve got our word. Ready?



Ayming - Flylounge - Job Dating

Welcome on board

Because we are aware that this first stop can be frightening for the “newcomers”; we can already tell you that the onboarding of Ayming is not limited to one welcome day. We will guide you step by step to make it easier to adapt to our culture, our values and our working methods. The goal: to find your place naturally and become a successful “Aymer”, regardless of your background. Diversity is the strength of a collective. It is our task to bring it to life and to give it a common goal.

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