Grants in Flanders


The Flemish Agency for Innovation & Entrepreneurship (VLAIO) stimulates innovation and entrepreneurship by providing financial support to businesses through subsidies.

Within Flanders, it is in some cases possible to receive financial support for investments, with a particular emphasis on sustainable and ecological initiatives. In this way, projects that can make a difference for companies, the region, and society are supported.


Regarding R&D (Research and Development), VLAIO offers three subsidy measures to financially support businesses throughout the innovation process to bring their innovative ideas to the market. Specifically, these measures include the R&D feasibility study, research project, and development project.

Investment subsidies

Companies investing in specific ecological technologies to make their processes more sustainable, can receive financial support from VLAIO.

Strategic Transformation Support (STS)

  • The strategic transformation support supports investments and/or training for internationally oriented companies that are undergoing a transformation with a highly innovative character.
  • The support is intended for projects that significantly contribute to strengthening the economic fabric in Flanders.
  • The assessment focuses on innovation, international economic competitiveness, anchoring the company and employment, strengthening the Flemish economy and attention to sustainability.
  • In addition, creating additional employment is a mandatory condition.
  • The support system is accessible to small, medium and large enterprises with 8% support for investments and 20% for training with a maximum subsidy of €500,000 per calendar year.
  • Large companies wishing to apply for investment support must be located in one of the support zones on the regional support map 2022-2027.

Ecology Premium+

  • With the Ecology Premium+, the Flemish government wants to encourage companies to organise their production process in an environmentally friendly and energy-efficient way.
  • This measure covers part of the additional investment costs that such an investment entails. The eligible investments are listed in the last valid exhaustive list of technologies.
  • The support percentage is determined by the size of the company, the type of technology (environment, energy, renewable), the eco classification (A or B / 6 or 9).
  • The aid granted amounts to a maximum of €1 million per company over a period of 3 years.

Strategic ecology support (STRES)

  • Companies can apply for a subsidy for green investments in “strategic” cutting-edge technology in the Flemish Region via the strategic ecology support.
  • This support scheme (STRES) is a supplement to the Ecology Premium+. While the latter requires a company to choose from standardized technologies (exhaustive list of technologies), STRES supports company-specific and larger investment projects (> €3,000,000).
  • The support percentage varies from 20 to 40% and depends on the performance of the technology, the size of the company and the accepted additional cost of the essential components. The maximum subsidy is €1,000,000 over a period of three years.

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In part 1, we will examine the 3 subsidy measures in Flanders –
what it entails, the requirements, and the potential amount of support.

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