International Innovation Barometer 2022

12 Oct
Live Webinar
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Join us on October 12th, 2021 to discover the third edition of Ayming’s International Innovation Barometer (IIB) during our international live webinars – one in English, the other one in French.

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Since the pandemic struck, businesses like yours have faced previously unimaginable adversity. The drastic and rapid changes in social and economic behaviours have forced an adjustment to business models, both in terms of how they operate and sell.

Ayming’s international innovation experts will discuss the key themes highlighted by the 2022 edition of the IIB, and will share with you some exclusive insights not in the report.

What you will learn:

  • What effect has Covid-19 had on innovation processes?
  • What obstacles are keeping businesses from innovating?
  • How companies deal with the innovation funding decline?
  • What pandemic-induced logistical challenges are companies facing ?
  • And more !

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Get the exclusive insights from our expert panel and learn the proven tactics that the world’s most innovative leaders are doing to succeed.

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