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April 3, 2023

DS-engineering is an engineering firm with 30 years of experience.
They operate in the residential sector and their core business is stability study.

Ayming has been working with DS-engineering for 8 years now, during which DS-engineering has been able to reclaim large amounts on the partial exemption from the payment of withholding tax on wages for researchers (better known as WWHT researcher).

See how the collaboration went here:

We would definitely recommend Ayming.  Because we feel the added value they brought us could be essential to other companies as well.
It’s a specialized function and role, so it’s important to have the right people at the right place. ” 
Michaël De Smet, CEO DS-engineering.

This year marks Ayming Belgium’s 20th anniversary! That’s 20 years of expertise in business performance.

More specifically, we focus on helping our clients generate savings & finance their future.

Our main activities are innovation, R&D, finances , HR optimisation and Grants.

Want to know what this could mean for your business?

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