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February 20, 2023

GZA Hospitals is the leading organization in specialized care in Antwerp.

Working closely with GZA for more than 3 years, Ayming screened the RSZ/ONSS savings to make sure they were applied optimally. After this original mission we discovered we could also help them with the application of their wage withholding tax for researchers.

One of these specific missions was linked to the innovative technology ‘The surface scanner’, which allows GZA to scan a patient’s position in 3D for radiotherapy and no longer have to “tattoo” the marks on the person’s body.

“We chose to collaborate with Ayming because they had the whole package. Their offer & expertise was the right match for our needs.”

Evy Mondelaers, head of human resources, GZA


“The interaction was very pleasant. Ayming helped us with a complicated audit. Not only with the preparation of the audit but also during the whole process.”
Koen Snijders, Quality Coordinator Radiotherapy, GZA

This year, Ayming is celebrating its 20th anniversary! That’s 20 years of expertise in business performance.

More specifically, we focus on helping our clients generate savings & finance their future.

Our main areas of activities are innovation, R&D, Finances, HR optimisation and Grants.

Want to know what this could mean for your business?

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