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January 3, 2024

Urbantz is the market leader in Europe for B2B last-mile delivery management solutions. This involves real-time control software for delivery chains tailored to retailers and logistics operators.

Ayming has been collaborating with Urbantz for 3 years, specifically focusing on the potential savings applicable to their innovative projects. Thanks to this partnership, Ayming has successfully recovered significant amounts through the partial exemption of wage tax for researchers.

“The main problem we were trying to solve was bringing in expertise that we didn’t have internally. The company Ayming had this expertise and enabled us to understand the legislation, which is very complex in the field of research and development of software.”
Simon Beufkens, Business Controller Urbantz


This year, Ayming celebrates its 21th anniversary! That’s 21 years of expertise in business performance.

Specifically, we focus on helping our clients generate savings and finance their future. Our main activities include innovation, R&D, finance, HR optimization, and grants.

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