The Great Game

Tech, tax and the global growth of video gaming

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Discover the Gaming industry evolution and growth through mergers and acquisitions. Learn how its landscape and spurring investments change in development, engines, and in-game advertising.

Artificial intelligence and user-generated content have long been embedded in video games, enhancing the immersive experience and widening the appeal of games.

The gaming industry is a vast and diverse ecosystem. It includes both niche developers and billion-dollar behemoths, all competing in a landscape marked by ongoing consolidation. In 2022, there were 222 mergers and acquisitions, reflecting the industry’s dynamic nature. This intense activity and investment primarily aimed to bolster games portfolios, capitalize on the mobile gaming trend, and tap into specialized expertise within the indie value chain, particularly in game engines, game development, and in-game advertising.

According to Media Marketing, the video games sector accounted for 582 million euros in Belgium in 2022.


In this report we will discuss the following topics about the evolution and growth of the industry:

  • The Game-Changer
  • Comparative Operating Costs
  • Exciting But Challenging Landscape
  • The Incentive Game

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