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The Personal Data Protection Policy applied by the Ayming Group protects the information that you entrust to us in connection with our missions, our commercial/contractual exchanges or via our internet site (subscription / downloading / contact form).

Faithful collection of relevant, strictly necessary data

Only data necessary to carry out our missions is collected, stored and updated. The storage of your personal data in our systems results first and foremost from a decision on your part to entrust that data to us. We do not in any case proceed to collect data without your knowledge and without your being informed.

That is why we collect and process your data only if strictly necessary to carry out our missions on your behalf or with your explicit consent.

We process your personal data in the strict respect of the legislation in force regarding the protection of privacy and, more particularly, mindful of the following legal bases:

  • Execution of the contract: certain data must be processed in order to provide our services or to carry out our missions, to communicate before the conclusion of a contract and to examine the advisability of such contract. For example, we use your details to draw up a contract, your e-mail address to keep you informed about our missions and your invoicing details to draw up our invoices.
  • Legal obligation: in certain cases we are legally obliged to process your data. Such is the case, for example, when we have to send you an invoice, which has to include your VAT number.
  • Legitimate interest: if you are a client, a user or, more generally, an existing commercial relation, we will send you, on the basis of our legitimate interest, targeted information and newsletters about our products, specific information or offers, unless you unsubscribe. If you are a prospect (or the contact person of a prospect) we can collect your details as described above and contact you by telephone or by e-mail to provide more information about our products.
  • Consent: finally, we can process your data only if we obtain your explicit consent, for example, if you contact us through the contact form, or if you subscribe to a newsletter or to certain (targeted) offers (direct marketing), [where appropriate, on the basis of profiles].

In order to ensure transparency in the collection of your data we offer you the maximum of information about the purpose of that collection and about the nature of your rights in the matter.

Type of data processed

Whether you are a prospect, client or supplier, our commercial actions involve us having to collect different categories of personal data concerning your employees, such as identification data (surname, first name, civil status), the professional details (addresses, telephone numbers, e-mail addresses, position) and a history of the client relation (RV, satisfaction rating, complaints, answers to satisfaction surveys, …).

How we collect your data

Your data is sent to us once contact is made, more specifically starting with the form available on our internet site, through partners or direct through your own good offices as part of our exchanges.

As a Client, for carrying out assignments, you will also have to send us various categories of information necessary for their successful completion. The contract binding us sets out in detail: the data, the reasons for processing, the operations conducted, the data-keeping times and the security measures that we have implemented.

Use of your personal data

When you communicate your personal data to us, we use it, in accordance with instructions or for the agreed purposes, to carry out the assignments that you have given us, answer your questions, or allow you to access specific information or offers.

Also, and only as part of our commercial relations:

  • we can keep and process your professional data (surname, first name, position,…) and share it within the Ayming Group to better understand your needs and how we might best adapt our services;
  • we (or a third party acting on our behalf) may use your personal data to contact you concerning an offer by the Ayming Group of a kind likely to meet your needs, or to ask you to answer our online surveys so as to assess your satisfaction and help us to form a clear idea of your expectations.

We will respect your choice if you would prefer that your personal data should not be used in connection with direct marketing or market research.

We will not sell your personal data to third parties.

Limited keeping

Your data is kept only for as long as necessary; keeping times vary according to the type of data, the purpose of processing and the relevant legal or regulatory requirements.

Data collected from forms available on our internet sites is kept for a duration of 3 years, calculated from the last exchange.

The allotted period for keeping data received through our contractual relations is stipulated in the contract.

Stronger security devices

It is our responsibility to ensure that your data is never inappropriately disclosed. Access to the personal data is therefore subject to strict conditions of use throughout all our systems, finding expression in, for instance:

  • implementation of filtering and control systems on our networks (Firewall),
  • centralized management of rights profiles. All requests for access are managed through our ticketing tool integrating validation workflows,
  • external and internal intrusion detection and the introduction of regularly tested alert procedures,
  • tested back-up and auxiliary systems guaranteeing fastest possible data recovery.

Sending your personal data to Third Parties

Sending data to third parties may be justified:

  • If the circumstances of the mission so require: sending to subcontractors who are themselves bound by contractual clauses guaranteeing the security and confidentiality of your data, or to independent service-providers themselves subjected by their profession to the rules of deontology (lawyers and doctors involved in professional risk management missions). Any such transmission is stipulated in the
  • Communication to bodies or agencies under public or private law if the law so requires.

These data transfers are done in compliance with the regulations currently in force.

Strict control of our subcontractors

The Ayming Group ensures that your data continues to enjoy a suitable level of protection in terms of security and confidentiality during its processing.

We are therefore particularly careful that our subcontractors should also be able to guarantee the security and confidentiality of any data that we entrust to them.

Rights of access to your data

You can access personal information that concerns you, and this at any time. You therefore have rights of correction and opposition on your personal data collected and kept by the Ayming Group.

In accordance with, and within the limits of the legislation on the protection of data, you have rights of consultation, limitation of processing, deletion, portability, correction and opposition on your personal data collected and kept by the Ayming Group. These rights may be exercised by sending us a message to the following address (by post or by e-mail):

Déborah Signori
DPO (Data Protection Officer)
185 avenue des Grésillons
92622 Gennevilliers cedex – France,


If necessary, if the sensitive nature if the data warrants it, or if we are not sufficiently certain about your identity, we may ask you to send us a copy of your identity card before responding to any such request.

We will respond to these requests as soon as possible and, in any case, not later than within 30 days, unless the law imposes a shorter response time.

We may reasonably limit the exercise of your rights if such exercise would also happen to violate our rights or the rights of third parties.

You also have the right at any time to file a complaint with the Data Protection Authority (contact@apd-gba.bewww.autoriteprotectiondonnees.be).

Compliance check

In order to guarantee the correct application of our rules and compliance over time of our practices, our DPO runs a check on each person performing processing activities. Moreover, audits are also carried out by our team of internal quality auditors, trained in the rules specific to the GDPR.

A balance of these actions is drawn up and completed by the DPO, for direct submission to the Directorate General of the Ayming Group.

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This confidentiality policy explains only how your personal data is processed. For the rest the general legal and contractual conditions apply for the use of our site.

Document update

This document is updated to reflect developments in the content of the services that we offer you.