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Audit and optimization of social charges on salaries

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Beyond the correct application and optimization of incentives and subsidies, Ayming’s experts carry out an all-inclusive audit of the calculation of your social contributions, ensuring its optimization and legal and financial soundness.

Auditing your social contributions:

Each item of pay between gross and net is challenged, mainly on the employer side. This check allows a complete reconsideration of the bases of contributions and the ensuing downstream calculations. Together with your Payroll Manager our experts break down your payroll and then reconstruct it in an optimized, secured and above all non-time-consuming manner for your teams whilst at the same time also transferring our know-how to them.

Your challenges

  • Identifying sources of sustainable secured economies without questioning your organization
    As with a software, the successive patches applied to your payroll (change of software, of Social Secretariat, of legislation, inclusion of new payroll items, etc.) may reduce the ease of its calculation and, for example, errors may start to multiply in the bases of contributions. Working together with your teams and pursuing a logic of transparency, our experts will identify the sources of errors and areas where sustainable secured economies may be made.
  • Consolidating the know-how of your Payroll team
    With your consent targeted actions are undertaken to enable your team to increase their skills in the implemented optimizations.

The added value of Ayming

  • Identifying the sources of future economies and implementing them in an operational manner.
  • Securing your approaches to the tax authorities.
    Securing your approaches lies at the heart of our services. Founded in the expertise of our teams, allowing the identification of possible risks and bringing them to your attention; your approaches are secured thanks to a strict process of implementation checks.
  • Ayming’s services also include a guarantee and assistance in case of an NSS audit on the scope optimized by Ayming.