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February 4, 2020

The 3rd book of the Ayming Institute, published in January 2020 by Débats Publics, advocates technological change to make our businesses and industries more sustainable and more respectful of our environment. Investing in sustainable development is the only possible long-term way for companies to preserve their profitability and pursue their growth.

The best and only way to address environmental challenges is to promote business innovation.

Renewable energies, reduction of consumption through Artificial Intelligence, recycling of waste thanks to the emergence of the circular economy, … many solutions exist to get out of the current impasse.

Industries, although often presented as the embodiment of the problem, are our best hope. They can very well generate profits while supporting sustainable development. In today’s building societies, they must now propose solutions that promote human health, peace and prosperity, and protect the planet.

Support is needed: it can take the form of tax breaks or subsidies to reward companies that have the most positive social and environmental impact.

We don’t have to choose between profit and the future of the planet.

If we want to preserve our way of life, each and every one of us, in the business world and everywhere else, must seek and support new approaches and do everything possible to guide us towards the future in which we wish to live.

The challenges outlined in this essay concern us all!

Available at Fnac and Amazon.


The authors

Ayming Institute is the Ayming Group’s laboratory for reflection and innovation. It brings together, under the same brand name, all the high value-added knowledge produced by experts to think about tomorrow’s performance, for the benefit of all economic players and company strategies.

The theme of sustainable development has been at the heart of our concerns for many years: we have been a signatory of the United Nations Global Compact since 2011. We take into account in our offers the social and environmental issues of our clients, through our various areas of expertise: Innovation, Finance and HR.

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