Beyond Ayming Doors !

25 Apr
De Kleetlaan 12b, 1831 Machelen
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We’re looking for new sales talent. To strengthen our BENELUX teams, we will be meeting candidates on 25th April at our office in Diegem for what we call ‘Beyond Ayming’s Doors’.

We’re looking for people who want to get out of their comfort zone and put their talents and passion to good use in ambitious projects.

To sign up for our ‘Beyond Ayming’s Doors’ moment, just send us an email!

Join us!

Breaking the mould of recruitment policy: we’re not just recruiting a CV, we’re recruiting a person!

Beyond Ayming Doors is a disruptive candidate experience. This unique concept aims to create an immersive experience for participants, enabling direct and meaningful interaction with our team. Through this exchange, we aim not only to present our corporate values and culture, but also to discover the aspirations and skills of each candidate, as part of an innovative and personalised recruitment process. We are committed to responding to all applicants within 48 hours.


« With a recruitment approach that’s off the beaten track, and a great deal of discussion, we hope to discover in candidates their adaptability, their appetite for novelty and their ability to resolve situations. In short, their positive energy, which we believe is the key for performance. Because it’s people and their desire to work together that make a project a success.»

Marie-Alice Thierry-Portmann,  Group HR Director

Join us!

In a sector where talent is particularly hard to come by, we are constantly renewing our career policy with the idea that there can be no economic performance without employee commitment.

We support our customers in Quality of Life and Working Conditions, and we apply these principles to ourselves by promoting an innovative approach to day-to-day management, based on trust and responsibility:

  • enabling employees to take charge of their careers,
  • promoting international mobility,
  • remaining a pioneer in management,
  • welcoming the younger generation to develop their skills and knowledge