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November 24, 2023

Groep Bouwen is a family-owned property developer based in Lier. They handle various projects, from industrial parks to apartments across Belgium.

Ayming collaborates with Groep Bouwen, with a specific focus on potential savings that can be applied to property tax, including the project in Londerzeel. Thanks to this partnership, Ayming has been able to recover significant amounts and support Groep Bouwen throughout the entire process, from deconstruction to construction.

“Our first contacts originated from Brussels. It is there that Ayming, dealing with a much more complicated legislation than in Flanders, assisted us with indirect taxes. In an environment where legislation is constantly changing and the tax system evolves, it was through our contacts in Brussels that we were able to build similar relationships in Flanders.”
Patrick Bouwen, CEO of Groep Bouwen

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