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September 11, 2023

Mitiska Reim is an investor project developer specialising in retail parks, semi-industrial real estate & urban logistics.

Ayming is collaborating with Mitiska Reim specifically on possible savings that can be applied to property taxes. This cooperation has allowed Ayming to recover significant amounts and Mitiska Reim to improve its real estate taxation.

This has also allowed Mitiska Reim to continue focusing on their core business in the three different countries where they operate.

Find out more about this collaboration:

“(We) chose Ayming because it’s a partner in a subfield where we don’t have a lot of expertise in ourselves.
Ayming therefore supports us in all aspects of property taxes, in the Netherlands, Belgium and France, which was definitely an asset for us.”
David Poulissen, Investment Analyst Mitiska Reim

Groupe Bartolas started the project “La Couvinoise,” and Mitsika Reim later joined as a partner to help jointly create the project. Ayming supported them at the fiscal level and ensured that the costs became bearable for both the tenant and the client.

“Ayming really assisted in getting taxed as accurately as possible. They were a great added value by identifying errors and correcting them. Things we couldn’t have managed by ourselves. Therefore, choosing Ayming was quite easy.”
Marie Vanophalvens, Real Estate Development & Asset Management Manager Groupe Bartolas

This year, Ayming celebrates its 20th anniversary! That’s 20 years of expertise in business performance.

More specifically, we focus on helping our clients generate savings & finance their future.
Our main activities are innovation, R&D, Finance, HR optimisation and Grants.

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