Tailor-made Consultancy

As we are there to lighten the workload of the HR department, we integrate all optimisation programmes with your current company strategy. We transfer our knowledge and put in place processes.

We manage overall staff cost

We construct a control panel showing all elements of a compensation package and draw the evolution it has made. By reflecting upon things from a helicopter perspective, we are able to manage overall staff cost throughout the entire organisation.

Process and project support

We want to be your partner in improving your HR performance. Therefore, we do not only offer tailor-made consulting, where we discover your organisation’s specific needs, we also advice and assist you in projects that implement new and existing company processes.

As we have a global and thorough approach, we define elements that impede the HR department to achieve its goals or limit your time extremely. Externalising certain operational tasks will help you concentrate your core challenges. That’s why we use our extended network to assist you in finding the right partners.


  • We propose several measures, but never without controlling the compliance of proposed and executed solutions internally and externally, by one of our external attorneys.
  • We analyse the existing conformity of your paying practices and work regulations.
  • We monitor and communicate legislative changes.
  • We accompany your organisation in case of control: we assist in the defence of your case.