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You have just been assigned a VAT number in another Member State but you don’t exactly know how to make the required declaration? You do not know which types of expenditure enter into consideration for VAT reduction? You are in permanent VAT credit and need advice about applying for the rebate?
Our consultants guide and support you through these processes in order to secure your intracommunity VAT declarations in more than 30 countries.

Our teams guide and assist you in the securisation of your taxable operations conducted in other countries: from the registration all the way to the declaration management (6th Directive).

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Management of your VAT identifications

We can help you to obtain an intracommunity VAT number via a VAT registration in the country concerned.

This action involves several steps:

  • Analysis of your local trade flows and turnover,
  • Production and sending of the necessary documents to the tax authority,
  • Monitoring of the file with the tax authority through to the final issue of the VAT number,
  • Assistance in the production of your sales invoices under your intracommunity VAT number and validation of the figures in the accountancy system (stated in the invoices).

Piste d’audit fiable : sécurisez votre TVA déductible

Management of your VAT statements and other documents

We can also guide and support you through all your VAT and Intrastat statements and other related documents in any country where you may have engaged in taxable undertakings. Statement management involves the following steps:

  • Analysis of accountancy extracts of invoices necessary for deposit,
  • Preparation and deposit of various declarations,
  • Tracking of files with tax authorities,
  • Information concerning the amount of VAT to be paid to the tax authorities,
  • Submission of possible applications for repayment in case of overpayment.

Thanks to our assistance you can secure the management of your foreign VAT registrations and declarations and also benefit from:

  • Asingle point of contact, regardless of the countries concerned,
  • A comprehensive knowledge of the declaration obligations specific to each Member State,
  • An active outreach covering more than 30 countries.

We rely on the expertise of independent firms of specialist lawyers for a lasting and safe intervention.

In order to help you anticipate financial movements and map out your future budgets, we place at your disposal a real-time reporting tool that you can use to steer your course, as easy as you like, through all your foreign VAT: Aymingsphere.

Download the VAT brochure in Dutch     Download the VAT brochure in French

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