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You are paying VAT on your expenses incurred in another country? You may be repaid under certain conditions. You have already been repaid this VAT? Are you sure that you have received 100% of the money that should have been paid back to you?
Our consultants will guide you through the management of your applications for foreign VAT rebates on your bills and invoices. They guarantee the most efficient VAT collection.

VAT paid in other countries may be taken into consideration for repayment provided always that it is applied on two types of transactional documents:

  • invoices from foreign suppliers and contractors for certain services or purchases of goods,
  • expense notes from employees having to travel in/to other countries.

Download the VAT brochure in Dutch     Download the VAT brochure in French

Companies may claim this VAT from the tax authorities of the country in which it was paid. However, despite the introduction of an electronic collection procedure, the process remains complicated due, among other things, numerous exceptions such as:

  • different rates of VAT assessment,
  • expenditure eligible for repayment differing per country,
  • differing requirements and conditions for repayment.

On top of that, these matters are complicated by the language barrier in exchanges with the local tax authorities.

Foreign VAT collection: from selection to actual repayment

We offer you a turn-key support solution for the recovery of VAT paid at international level on travel expenses eligible for rebate.

Our consultants will audit your invoices and identify those eligible for repayment with a view to submission of a file accompanied by all the necessary supporting documents with the purpose of submitting a file accompanied by all the necessary supporting documents. They will also attend to the administrative follow-up through to actual repayment into your account.

Our support is delivered in 3 pivotal steps:

1. Audit:

Analysis and selection of invoices/per country classification.

2. Process:

  • Analysis of invoice eligibility for VAT concession
  • Verification of the correct application of VAT per supplier/contractor
  • Application of VAT reduction pro rata
  • Verification of the invoice compliance, especially the obligatory response fields

3. Collection:

  • Preparation, production and sending of applications for repayment from foreign VAT authorities (single portal for the EU Member States or specific forms for the non-EU countries)
  • Proactive monitoring of files and exchanges with tax authorities all the way through to the final acceptance of applications

TVA étrangère

Foreign VAT: safe steering and a dedicated tool

Our proactive and multilingual team is familiar with the administrative processes and can draw on the know-how of a network of partners enabling you to recover your VAT paid in more than 30 countries. It relies on the expertise of independent firms of specialist lawyers for a lasting and safe intervention. All of which will guarantee a swift, maximised and easy repayment in total safety.


In order to help you anticipate financial movements in the meantime and  map out future budgets, we place at your disposal a real-time reporting tool that you can use to steer your course through the ins and outs of foreign VAT legislation: iVAT.

Download the VAT brochure in Dutch     Download the VAT brochure in French

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