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Identify and secure your local VAT in bills and invoices

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Are you sure that you collect the right VAT amounts on your suppliers’ and contractors’ bills and invoices? Is the VAT collection on your bills and invoices all that it should be in terms of deductibility? In case of tax inspection, would you be able to justify the deducted amount of VAT promptly and completely?
Our consultants will guide you through the management of your applications for local VAT rebates on your bills and invoices. They guarantee the most efficient VAT collection.

Whether paid direct by your company or defrayed through payments in favour of salaried staff, certain expenses may give entitlement to a VAT deduction. That allowance varies according to the nature of the expenses and is, in any case, only granted under certain conditions.

Our consultants offer you a support solution for the collection of deductible VAT on all of your bills and invoices that might enter into consideration for deduction according to the required formalities and set deadlines.

Our experts also start up a process of securisation regarding the eligibility of amounts of VAT and supporting documents.

Download the VAT brochure in Dutch     Download the VAT brochure in French

TVA étrangère

Collection of VAT on bills and invoices in Belgium: our tailored assistance

We collect the accountancy documents that are essential for the VAT assessment on expenditure. In this expenditure we can identify all the amounts of deductible VAT that have not been deducted and then take all necessary steps on your behalf.

Next we generate one (or more) report(s) allowing you:

  • to justify the requested VAT deduction line by line,
  • to find in a split second all the bills and invoices required by the internal or external teams.

With our assistance you can secure the collection of the VAT on your bills and invoices. Furthermore, you can benefit from:

  • an additional treasury, optimised in time,
  • specific protection of the eligibility of deductible amounts.

Download the VAT brochure in Dutch     Download the VAT brochure in French

Our key figures:

days: swift rebate/reduction
euros VAT optimised and protected in 2019
years of expertise in the field