The Benchmark 2020: Belgium, the most generous country for R&D tax incentives?

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March 12, 2020

Is Belgium generous in terms of R&D tax incentives?

The Benchmark 2020”, published by Ayming, compares Belgium to 14 other countries in terms of generosity of  R&D tax incentives, but also looks at how easy it is to apply for them.

So how about Belgium? The Benchmark 2020 shows that we are among the least generous countries for R&D tax incentives.

On the other hand we are doing rather well compared to the other 14 countries in terms of ease of application.
However, the fact remains that preparing, sumbitting and following up a file for an exemption of wage withholding tax for researchers or an investment deduction a very complex and time-consuming exercise is.

We know that these findings probably do not come as a surprise to you. Hence the necessity for Belgian companies to plan their R&D activities in the most strategic manner. The Benchmark is one of the Ayming tools that can help you – talk to one of our experts now to ensure that you get your process off to the best possible start:

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Read the full report to get a better understanding of the generosity and ease of application of the R&D tax incentives in 14 countries worldwide, including in Germany, where a new R&D tax incentive scheme was introduced in January 2020:

Download the full report

Try our online tool to easily compare key international R&D tax incentive schemes on a like-for-like basis in one simple graphic:

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